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International Seon Center  
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The International Seon Center is a Korean Buddhist temple of the Jogye Order. It first opened its doors on November 15, 2010. In the Center, both locals an foreigners can experience the true essence of Korean Buddhism and Ganhwa Seon Meditation through a various temple programs.

The International Seon Center is a Seon (Zen) meditation and Buddhist propagation training center as well as a learning facility for Buddhist cultural practices. The overall aim of the center is to promote awareness of the inherent value of Korean Buddhism and its practices to the global community.
Located in the Mokdong District of Seoul, the architectural design of the center was inspired by the 9-floor Hwang-Ryong Temple of Geyongju built during the Silla Dynasty. It was during this dynasty that Korean Buddhism was at its most active in its wish for an international exchange and spread of the spirit of its ascetic culture across continents.  It was also with such a spirit that the center was officially opened on November 15th in 2010.The center contains a templestay facility, a large prayer hall, and a culture and  education center, and provides templestay programs, seon lectures, traditional Buddhist temple cuisine cooking classes, tea ceremonies, and many other programs and activities which aim to provide a living experience of traditional Korean Buddhist culture. To cater for the needs of international visitors, Korean to English interpretation is provided throughout many of the center's activities. The center is continuously developing a residential templestay and templelife program to offer direct experience of Korean Buddhist culture for both Koreans and international visitors. In order to further promote the practice of Seon meditation throughout the world, the center holds academic seminars, exchanges ideas with different religions, facilitates international study exchanges, and regularly holds forums on Buddhist studies.

           With a mission to raise awareness of traditional Korean Buddhist culture, the first floor Buddhist Restaurant in the center offers traditional Buddhist temple cuisine. The restaurant teaches traditional recipes, the art of tea meditation and gives lectures on various aspects of Buddhist culture, therefore introducing new and innovative ways for the contemporary person to experience and learn more about Buddhism.

           In addition, we provide simultaneous interpretation and guide system for foreigners. Such information will help them to easily approach Korean traditional culture and Korean Buddhism. Furthermore, we pursue excellence in moral culture to become an international attraction.

Ganwha Seon
International Seon Center provides Ganwha Seon program for both local residents and foreigners.

TempleStayand TempleLife will enhance our program of experience in Korean traditional culture and Korean Buddhism. Also, guide for foreigners is programmed systematically, which will help for those who are interested in Korean culture and Buddhism.

Cultural Melting Spot
Regular Saturday Meditation Class provides dharma talk in English. Buddhist youth group is run in both English and Korean to enhance communication among Korean children, English-speaking children and foreign monks.

Temple Food
Through lectures in temple food, we present the importance of balance in nature and health. On top of that, we introduce eco-friendly Korean food to the community. Nowadays, temple food is worthy of notice and it will soon become a way of life and globalized.

319-11 Sinjeong6-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, 158 -076, Rep. of Korea, Total ground size of 2,110㎡.

10 floors including 3 underground floors, Total size of 10,600㎡.

Main Facilities
 Geum-Cha Seon Hall (SeonPractice Hall) 
6F Monk’s living Quarter
5F TempleStay Hall
4F Event Hall

3F Dining room 
2F Great Dharma Hall
1F Office / Restaurant 
B1 Education and Culture Hall 
B2, B3 Parking Lots.

Times and Schedule:

Breath & Rest Templestay
14:00 Registration
14:30 Orientation
15:00 Invitation to Korean Buddhism
16:00 Seon Meditation
17:00 Dinner
18:00 Evening Ceremony
19:00 Seon Meditation (Dharma Talk on Weekends)
21:00 Light-out
04:30 Early Morning Service
05:00 Seon Meditation
06:00 Breakfast
07:00 Walking Meditation
08:00 Making 108 Prayer Beads
09:00 Clean up (tidy up rooms)
09:30 Teatime with Monk
10:00 Departure
Saturday Meditation and Dharma talk in English:
Every Saturday at 19:00 ~ 21:00
Daily Templestay (offered daily from 2-5 p.m.)
14:00 Registration and Guided Temple Tour, Learn Temple Etiquette)
14:30 Buddhist Cultural Experience
16:00 Tea Ceremony & Time to share Your Experience
17:00 Dinner

Daily Service Information: (Mon ~ Sat, Sun) <With an exception on Sun. Afternoon>

Early Morning Dharma Service:  04:30 ~ 05:30

Beforenoon Dharma Service:      10:00 ~ 11:00

Evening Dharma Service:          18:00 ~ 19:00


 Gongyang (Meal) Times:

Breakfast:  6:00 ~ 7:00

Lunch:     11:30~ 12:30

Dinner:    17:00 ~ 18:00


Office Hours:

Monday ~ Friday 09:00 ~ 17:00

Sat 09:00 ~ 14:00

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